Jesus Wept (John 11:35)

Jesus Wept

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I am commenting on this because my pastor preached a sermon on Sunday and the subject was “Jesus Wept”.  I have read this scripture many times and I have heard teaching on this scripture, but this particular Sunday I got another feel for this. I will attempt to explain what I got out of this for the believers (church) and the non-believers (those that have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior).

Just some background on this scripture (Read the whole chapter for your own references). This is what was going on, follow me closely now:

  • Jesus and Lazarus, of Bethany were good friends
  • Lazarus  sisters, Mary and Martha sent for Jesus because Lazarus was sick
  • Jesus  replied, his sickness is not until death, but to the glory of God
  • Jesus loved that family
  • He stayed two days before going to Bethany
  • After the two days, he told his disciples that there were going to Bethany to   wake up Lazarus
  • Disciples  thought he meant that Lazarus was sleep
  • Jesus plainly told them that he was dead
  • Four days Lazarus had been dead
  • When he got there, Mary and Martha were angry. His reply, “they that believe in me though they were dead yet shall they live”. Mary reply was that Lazarus would wake up at the resurrection of the church
  • Jesus,I am the Resurrection!
  • Because of these comments, Jesus became sorrowful in his spirit and began to weep. Why was he weeping? UNBELIEF!

 These were the three points my pastor made, friendship, followers and family.

Be careful about your friendship not everybody is your friend. Judas Iscariot pretended to be Jesus’ friend. Check this out, the disciples followed him for three years and they did not believe him. Mary and Martha were considered family, but they to had issues with him. 

 So, I sitting there saying Jesus was weeping because everyone that should have believed and trusted him did not. The church today, the believers, do we really believe Jesus and the Word of God and if so why is there so much confusion, fighting and no unity. So much so that the non-believers are staying out!

 Believers are told to pray and change the atmosphere. First Chronicles 7:14 states that if my people that are called by name would humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven forgive their sins and heal their land. I stated that scripture to show that nothing is going to change in this world without God and the church. How can the church, the followers of Jesus Christ, make a difference if we do not believe him! We are called not to be perfect but to believe and trust God.

 So the question of the day, is Jesus weeping over the church now? He wept over Jerusalem because they did not believe him. I hear him saying you search the scriptures and they speak of me and yet you still do not believe.

 For all the religious people that will read this article, I have just summarized the sermon that my pastor preached that I felt was profound. 

 I am part of the church; I do not want Jesus weeping over the church and certainly do not want the church to continue to be an obstacle for unbelievers. 

 Is He weeping over you?


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