Life’s Journey: Jealousy

Ever wonder what encounters you will meet on your life journey? I’ll introduce you to one encounter that is if you have not already met him, say hello to jealousy.

 I watched  that spirit rear its ugly self over the weekend. I want to warn you how  jealousy, if allowed to fester, will cripple you spiritually. Anything that  cripples you spiritually will manifest itself in the natural. 

Let’s take a  look at this spirit on natural and spiritual defines  jealous as, “Feeling resentment against someone because of that person’s  rivalry, success, or advantages and characterized by or proceeding from  suspicious fears or envious resentment: a jealous rage; jealous intrigues.”

Ask yourself this question, when I look at another  person’s success and advantages am I happy for them or am I resentful and envious?

Spiritually, the spirit of jealousy caused Cain to kill  his brother Abel (Gen. 4:5), Joseph’s brothers hated him because of the difference  their father made between them (Gen 37:4), and then there was Saul’s jealousy  toward David (1 Sam. 18:8). Cain, Saul and Joseph’s brothers allowed the spirit  of jealousy to take root and it manifested itself in the natural which caused  them to act the way they did.

In my own personal life, I have met this spirit and I can  tell you from experience if you do not guard your heart it can make you bitter, resentful and you will find yourself putting up walls around your heart.  Once these walls have been erected they are not  that easy to come down.

When you find yourself faced with jealous attitudes ,God’s, answer is to love that person even more. You cannot love on your own but  through Christ you can. Remember that God has blessing for you and you don’t  have to be jealous of anyone.

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